dave holsman

Firefighter/Paramedic - Lead Angler

Dave began fishing as far back as he can remember with a Kane pole - catching crappie and sunfish in Minnesota. He has lived in Alaska for over 30 years and has been fly fishing since the age of 10. “I picked up the love of fishing from my dad and was taught to fly fish from a close family friend who was an old school Steelheader from Washington.”

Most of his childhood was spent fishing the big waters of the Kenai River for salmon and trout. “As a teenager, I fell in love catching wild rainbows in Alaska’s clear freestone streams and creeks.” Now he gets in 80-100 days of fishing every year. His drive: “To try to see and fish as much of this great State as I can.”


bobbi holsman

WC Insurance Adjuster - Angler

Bobbi grew up in Eagle River, Alaska.  She became Dave’s protege in 1998 learning where to find the fish, reading the water, what the fish like to eat and when.  “Dave Jokingly refers to me as his fly-fishing padawan”. She married him in 2003. “When you fall in love with fly fishing it’s simply something you need to do. I am lucky to have a partner in life that shares this view.”

Fishing aspirations: She hopes to fish all over the world and anticipates New Zealand, Russia, Belize and Costa Rica to be some of her next fishing destinations.  [hmm… she read our mind.]


mike jolin - aka "poke"

IT guy - Bad Ass

Born and raised in Alaska, Poke grew up fishing lakes and streams in Eureka Alaska for grayling with bee and mosquito fly patterns. “I bought my first Jet boat right out of college and have been running the rivers and streams of Alaska ever since. We try to get the boat on the rivers in early May even when there is still a significant amount of ice flow on them and keep it in the water until freeze up in late fall.” What keeps him going? No two runs are ever the same. Every year the watersheds are changing and can be very challenging during low water times. “Constant changes in the rivers are part of what makes Alaska a great place to own a Jet boat.”


mike guest

Firefighter/Captain - Angler

Mike was born in Montana and has been fishing ever since he was a child. He grew up mainly in Alaska and spent a lot of that time commercial fishing (forced labor). Whenever he was offered time off, a rod was in hand and many wild rivers were fished. “I have always loved being out in the wilderness, hiking along rivers and doing multi-day float trips in the middle of nowhere.” Mike is always in search of that perfect day on the river: “You know the one where the fishing is awesome, no people are seen and the weather is perfect. They happen quite often if you try enough.”


chris cravens

Firefighter/Paramedic - Angler

The earliest memory Chris has of Alaska is fly fishing for grayling with his family as they made their way up the Alcan highway from Montana when he was six. “I think I realized right then and there I was moving to MECCA!” At 16, he swapped the family raft for a drift boat and landed a job working at the famous Russian River campground. For five seasons he was smack in the middle of fishing heaven. Later, a guiding gig in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and Katmai National Park allowed him to fish more of Alaska’s rich river systems. Time off took him to New Zealand and Montana. “Then I figured it was time to get a REAL job.” Now he fishes every chance he can “with people I actually like to hang out with! And it doesn't kill me to be able to drink beer all day on the river!”


marv kneaper

Firefighter/Engineer - Angler

Marvin grew up in Eureka California where at the age of twelve started fly tying and fly fishing on the Trinity, Klamath, and Smith rivers. He moved to Alaska in 1974, fishing all over South Central Alaska and abandoning fly fishing for the use of bait and lures.

In 2008 he rekindled his love of fly fishing after catching a  33" Fall rainbow on the Kenai river.

"Now I wait all year in anticipation of Fall Rainbow fishing. It's so exciting knowing that at any moment the monster Rainbow of a lifetime could break the surface with my fly in the corner of his mouth".


kevin morris

Firefighter/EMT - Producer/Director

Kevin was born and raised in Alaska.  He lives in Anchorage with his wife and two children. The lack of detail in his bio may lead you to believe he lives a life of mystery and intrigue... but he doesn't. 


sean morris


Yes, they are brothers who grew-up together panning for gold and fishing for salmon in the creek that runs just behind their parent's Alaskan homestead. These days Sean can be found going back and forth between Anchorage and Los Angeles where he runs his film production company Alaskan Nomad Productions. Sean has won awards for this feature film and television commercial work, and his music videos have been seen nationally on MTV, MTV Latin America, BET, HBO and FUSE. In addition, he was recently selected from over 400 nationwide competitors to be featured in SHOOT Magazine’s New Director’s Showcase. Though Sean loves directing projects inside California studios, nothing makes him feel more at home than the adventure of hiking, camping and being in the Outdoors of Alaska. Currently Sean is developing a narrative feature film project to begin production in early 2012, as well as reprising his duties on Cross Current Fishing Adventure's forthcoming second DVD. For more info on Sean, you can visit his website here.