Cast Alaska Available For Streaming/On Demand!

Cross Current has teamed up with a great distribution company Gravitas Ventures to bring you Cast Alaska via streaming and Video On Demand.  We're beaming to over 100 million homes throughout the US and Canada, so chances are it's available somewhere near you.  It's been a long journey to distribution and we really appreciate the support of all our fans to make this a reality!

Cast Alaska II - Sheebang Wins
Top Prize at the IF4

We are super honored to have won the Feature Film category of the 2013 International Fly Fishing Film Festival! With so many great films in this tour, that Cast Alaska II - Sheebang took the audience award has us both floored and humbled. Huge thanks to The IF4, Fly Fusion Magazine and the Bird Marketing Group for all their hard work in putting on this world-class festival!

Sheebang is a 20-minute segment of our upcoming film Cast Alaska II.  The story follows Dave and Cravens, familiar faces from our first Cast Alaska movie, as they journey above the Arctic Circle in search of the rare and elusive sheefish. Facing challenges at every turn, it showcases the excitement, difficulties and raw beauty of fishing in areas of Alaska so remote that few have ever seen them.

We're hard at work finishing Cast Alaska II and are looking for sponsorships from companies interested in supporting films that celebrate our favorite sport.  If you're interested please contact us.

Cast Alaska Wins Best Documentary

Cast Alaska has been chosen as the Best Documentary at the 2012 Mountain Film Awards, the festival's highest level of recognition!  We are both proud and humbed by this achievment.

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